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Haier Quartz Air Conditioner 2.5kw

$960.00 excl. gst

  • V Protect in Health mode helps to kills airborne pathogens, with anti-bacterial and anti-viral rates above 91%*
  • Self-cleaning function for continual fresh, clean air
  • Wi-Fi enabled for use with the SmartHQ™ app and smart home voice control
  • With Coanda Plus technology for far-reaching, even airflow around the room

*Independent testing has found 91.47% elimination of the H3N2 virus in a 30m3 closed room and 92.78% of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in a 10m3 closed room, for two hours on Health mode at the highest fan speed.


Features and Benefits

UV Protect sterilisation

UV Protect helps to deliver clean air to your room using Health mode, with built-in LED UV lights that kill airborne Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and the H3N2 virus at more than 91% effectiveness under specific test conditions.*

Self-cleaning technology

Your Quartz air conditioner will continue working efficiently to produce clean air, with a Self-clean function that flushes away dirt from the evaporator and reduces the growth of mould and bacteria. This process also cleans the outdoor unit, helping to clear salt and debris that can lead to corrosion.

Smart control

Use the SmartHQ™ app to turn on your air conditioner from anywhere to ensure the perfect temperature when you get home, or use your Wi-Fi enabled Quartz with Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice control.

Coanda Plus airflow

Engineered to send airflow further, an aerodynamic louvre design helps to circulate air evenly throughout your room for total comfort.

Easy installation and maintenance

Designed to help your installer get the job done fast, Quartz air conditioners come with simple positioning specifications. The control board and motor are also easily accessible for maintenance.

Sleep mode

Sleep mode supports your ideal sleeping environment, raising, lowering or maintaining the temperature throughout the night for maximum comfort.

Turbo mode

With the Turbo function, the motor and fan work at a higher frequency so you can enjoy a cool or warm room within a much shorter time.



Cooling capacity (kW)5.0 kW
Heating capacity (kW)6.0 kW


COP4.05 / 4.02
EER4.03 / 4.00
HSPF-RES (Hot/Average/Cold)5.067 / 4.302 / 3.670
Star-Cool (Hot/Average/Cold)6.0 / 5.0 / 5.5
Star-Heat (Hot/Average/Cold)3.5 / 2.5 / 2.0
TCSPF-RES (Hot/Average/Cold)7.934 / 6.834 / 7.373


Blue fin coils 
Built-in Wi-Fi smart control 
Compressor typeRotary
Concealed LED display 
DC inverter 
DRED (Demand Response) ready 
Google Home 
Infrared remote control 
Movement sensor 
Refrigerant factory charge1.02kg
Standard controllerYR-HJ


Indoor unit modelAS50QDEHRA
Indoor unit weight11.6kg
Liquid line6.35mm
Maximum pipe run25m
Outdoor unit model1U50WAEFRA
Outdoor unit weight43.2kg
Suction line9.52mm


DC inverter 
R32 Refrigerant 
Sound power SWL (outdoor)66dBA
Sound pressure SPL (indoor)47 / 43 / 37 / 33dBA
Sound pressure SPL (outdoor)53dBA
Working temperature cooling-10℃ ~ 46℃
Working temperature heating-15℃ ~ 24℃

Power Requirements

Supply frequency50Hz
Supply voltage220-240V

Product Dimensions

Indoor unit depth220mm
Indoor unit height320mm
Indoor unit width970mm
Outdoor unit depth340mm
Outdoor unit height705mm
Outdoor unit width890mm


Parts and labour5 years



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