Black PairCoil 1/4-3/8

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Kembla PairCoil 1/4,3/8  is the highest quality solution for pre-insulated PairCoil for use with domestic split system air conditioners.

For buildings not requiring the additional fire safety regulations of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Kembla Paircoil is a cost effective solution that meet the insulation requirements of domestic split system air conditioners. Easy to install 20 metre pre-insulated copper tube allowing you to install your pipework in less than half the time of conventional methods and avoid the use of messy glue or tape.

Produced to be resistant to abrasion and wear and tear, Kembla PairCoil can be pushed through tight spaces without being caught or torn. All sizes of Kembla PairCoil are manufactured to AS/NZS1571 and is suitable for use with high pressure refrigerants R410A and R32 as well meeting the minimum wall thickness requirements of the world’s leading air conditioner manufacturers.

Domestic Split system air conditioners Condensation prevention Suitable for R410A and R32 refrigerants  
  • Pre-insulated with highly flexible paired, cross linked closed cell polyethylene
  • Copper tube manufactured to AS/NZS 1571
  • All sizes suitable for use with R410A and R32 high pressure refrigerants
  • High water vapour diffusion resistance
  • Material thermal conductivity of (0.037W/M.k at 20°C)
  • Suitable for applications up 120°C. Recommended maximum operating temperature is 65°C and in accordance with AS1677.
  • Pre-insulated piping that is easy to install. No glue, tape or messy powder
  • Easy to split the pair when connecting to air conditioning system units.
  • Prevents condensation on piping and enhances system performance and efficiency
  • Meets the minimum wall thickness of leading air conditioning manufacturers and the minimum requirements for flaring of copper tube
  • Backed by MM Kembla’s reputation for quality, reliability and service for over 100 years
  • 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on copper tube
  • Stocked nationwide for prompt delivery
  • Recommended maximum operating temperature is 65°C and in accordance with AS1677. A/C manufacturer’s operating and installation instructions should be consulted.
  • Kembla PairCoil copper tube is recommended to be flare jointed. If brazing is necessary, all safety precautions should apply.
  • If tight bending is required, the insulation can be cut back to accommodate a tube bender. Alternatively, a length of polyethylene tube can be inserted to prevent kinking.

25 Years on copper tube

MM Kembla’s manufacturing processes and quality systems are built upon over 100 years of experience in manufacturing copper tube in Port Kembla, Australia. An intensive ISO 9001 certified quality control system is applied to all MM Kembla PairCoilMAX to ensure it conforms to the relevant local/international product standard requirements.

MM Kembla warrants that if any installation using MM Kembla PairCoilMAX becomes defective or fails and MM Kembla is notified of the details and is satisfied that the defect or failure was a result of a manufacturing defect and not the result of faulty specification, installation or incompatible environment, MM Kembla will replace or repair the defective goods and make good the installation.


Pair Coil

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